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Natural childbirth is the most physiological way of coming into the world. However, for the woman carrying the baby, it involves significant trauma to the anatomical structures that separate the abdominal cavity from the outside through the pelvic girdle. When dilation occurs, the muscles of the pelvic floor give way to allow the passage of the baby's head, and also the cervix and the vulva. An episiotomy is often performed to facilitate controlled tearing of the tissues to prevent tears that can lead to incontinence. During the course of the episiotomy or when it is not performed, important anatomical alterations may occur, as the diameter of the baby's head can be very large and the vulva has to dilate enormously to allow it to pass through.

We are frequently consulted by women who have had one or more births and who want a solution to certain vulvar deformities they suffer as a result. These deformities must be studied in depth, an external examination must be carried out to visualise the possible anatomical deformities, not only of the labia majora, but also the possible prolapse of certain structures such as the rectum through the vagina.

Anatomical alteration of the pelvic floor musculature and the possibility of incontinence are also not uncommon. For this reason, before undertaking any postpartum reconstruction, a correct examination must be carried out, a correct evaluation of the patient's clinical history and finally, on some occasions, diagnostic tests must be carried out in order to reach the most detailed conclusion possible.

Postpartum reconstruction can be very simple or very complex depending on which anatomical structures are involved in the destructuring after the passage of the child through the vaginal canal.

Postpartum Reconstruction

Intimate Surgery

Surgical Time

Surgical Time

1 to 4 hours.

Admission Time

Admission Time

Outpatient Procedure/ Hospitalisation.

Type of Anesthesia

Type of Anesthesia


Type of Surgery

Type of Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery.

Recovery Time

Recovery Time

10/30 days.

Genital Surgery



€ 1.200 a € 4.600

This price includes:

Preoperative tests

Preoperative consultations

Surgical Procedure Outpatient/Hospital Admission

Follow up

Postpartum Reconstruction Explanatory Video

Dr. Jesús Lago explains postpartum reconstruction

Postpartum Reconstruction

Before informing the patient about the price of the intervention, it is very important to carry out a correct evaluation and the relevant diagnostic tests to determine the magnitude of the postpartum anatomical alteration she is suffering from. Once this has been done, we will be able to correctly inform you about the type of technique to be used, whether or not hospitalisation is required, type of anaesthesia, recovery time and, of course, give you a quote adapted to your case. Some postpartum reconstruction procedures are very simple and are done on an outpatient basis with less than an hour of intervention and under local anaesthesia. On other occasions, if the patient needs a reconstruction of the pelvic floor, the intervention requires hospitalisation, epidural or general anaesthesia and, as a consequence, a higher budget.

The simplest alterations, such as alterations to the labia majora, are performed on an outpatient basis.

Reconstructions involving prolapse, pelvic floor disruption or a rectocele require hospitalisation and epidural or general anaesthesia.

Incontinence is more frequently associated with alterations of the birth canal than we think. It is therefore very important to carry out a correct evaluation of the patient and submit her to a questionnaire that will indicate the scale of risk of incontinence that this person has. If there is an alteration in continence of a sufficient degree to justify an intervention, the relevant tests should be carried out and the patient should be informed about the most appropriate procedure to follow.

Again, it depends on the type of surgery to be performed. The simplest are in the field of aesthetics and are performed on an outpatient basis and recovery is very quick. When the anatomical alteration exceeds the field of aesthetics and involves a functional alteration such as incontinence, prolapse or rectocele, the recovery will be longer, as will the surgical and hospitalisation times.

Care basically focuses on the hygiene of the genital area and keeping the area as dry as possible, we recommend always washing with a neutral gel after each urination.

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