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There are risks interventions surgery aesthetics?

The risk of any intervention depends fundamentally on the means we make available to our patients, the support of special units and, in particular, on the training, experience and continuous updating of the professionals involved. At our Institute we always carry out major surgery in first class hospitals and with highly qualified professionals, thus ensuring minimum risk.

At which centre will I be operated on?

All our major surgery is always performed at Fuensanta Hospital, a centre equipped with four recently renovated state-of-the-art operating theatres, the latest technology, clinical analysis, radio diagnostic unit, haemodialysis, hospitalisation floor, post-anaesthesia recovery unit and intensive care unit.

Minor surgery is carried out in our Minor Outpatient Surgery Centre located in the centre of Madrid, which is also equipped with all the technology necessary to provide our patients with the safety required for surgery.

How can I know if the materials to be implanted are of high quality?

In our centres all the materials we use for implants or fillings are manufactured in the European Union, with the European CE quality control mark and with the highest quality and safety controls. This allows us to implant durable and resistant materials with the maximum guarantee.

How can I be sure of the results I will get?

The results of a surgery always depend on the training, experience and continuous updating of the professionals when performed in a hospital centre that is suitable for each case. Under these circumstances, the risks of a bad result are very small.

Are prices adapted to the market?

In our centre, the prices are adapted to the market in a low-intermediate situation compared to the average of all centres. Our greatest dedication is always aimed at achieving good results in a context of maximum safety for our patients.

Can surgical interventions be financed?

Yes, all operations can be financed in two ways. Either through long-term bank financing for the full amount of the surgical procedure or directly through our clinic. In the latter case, the great advantage is that no interest is paid, the concept is not financing but deferred payment.

The best professionals for your peace of mind

The Jesus Lago Institute team is made up of highly experienced and qualified doctors and healthcare personnel and has an Outpatient Surgery Support Center with state-of-the-art equipment for monitoring their patients.
IMPORTANT: The information contained in this web is only for guidance and general purposes. In no case is it intend to replace a personal consultation where your particular case is evaluated and where an accurate diagnosis will be obtained. If you wish, you can request a consultation without any commitment to evaluate your case. We are concerned that the provided information is the correct one for you. If you don't understand any word or explanation, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Rescue Surgeries

Salvage surgeries are surgical treatments aimed at treating or modifying complications or negative results of a previous surgical treatment performed at another centre.

Information for Patients

Below we will try to clarify some of the doubts that may arise before coming to our office and that may help you to make your decision.

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