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Facial aesthetic medicine is aimed at those people who have experienced chronological ageing in their face but who do not wish to undergo any surgical procedure or who simply wish to highlight some part of their face for purely aesthetic purposes. These treatments are carried out in a simple way in a consultation room and by applying certain products, cross-linked hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite and permanent materials that are used specifically in different parts of the face: filling of furrows, facial rejuvenation and volume and lip augmentation.

Filling of furrows

The filling of furrows, especially the nasogenian folds, must be done with a cannula, as this allows the material to be infiltrated precisely and safely into the area to be treated. This filler allows us to obtain very good aesthetic results, reducing the effect of the passage of time.

Facial Rejuvenation and Volume

This procedure consists of the application of small injections of filler material in the areas to be treated, which are normally prepared with a local anaesthetic for greater patient comfort, giving volume to areas that have lost fat and rejuvenating the face with simple gestures. The material is injected in a subdermal plane, in specific areas such as the cheekbone or infraorbital area. It is always very important to take into account the volume of material to be injected in order to avoid the "puffy face" effect that shows an unfavourable aesthetic result.

Lip Augmentation

Modern cross-linked hyaluronic acids allow us to perform safe and long-lasting lip augmentations (about one year). There are several infiltration techniques to obtain a natural result and they must be combined to avoid undesirable side effects such as excessive projection of the lips which causes a very artificial effect. For a correct placement of the filler material in the lips, we must follow these techniques and fractionate these infiltrations as far as possible in order to achieve the optimum result that each patient desires.



Surgical Time

Surgical Time

Depending on the volume to be infiltrated.

Admission Time

Admission Time

Outpatient Procedure.

Type of Anesthesia

Type of Anesthesia


Type of Surgery

Type of Surgery

Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid - Calcium Hydroxyapatite.

Recovery Time

Recovery Time

3/4 days.

Price € 180 per millilitre Reticulated hyaluronic acid..

Price € 240 per millilitre Calcium Hydroxyapatite.

The materials used are long lasting, generally more than one year in the case of resorbable materials such as calcium hydroxyapatite and hyaluronic acid. If the patient wishes the results to be more permanent, we will have to use permanent materials.

It depends on the area to be treated. However, any of the aesthetic medicine techniques can be performed under local or truncal anaesthesia and even with transdermal anaesthesia, i.e. with the application of anaesthetic cream to provide the patient with greater comfort.

In any procedure in which some type of material is injected into the skin, inflammation and bruising may occur. The use of cannulas for its application and the correct performance of the technique greatly reduces the appearance of bruising and in the event of any bruising appearing, it will be very small and localised in the puncture area.

Yes, it can be reapplied once it has been resorbed. We do not recommend re-injections at intermediate intervals as the material will last less time after implantation.

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Rescue Surgeries

Salvage surgeries are surgical treatments aimed at treating or modifying complications or negative results of a previous surgical treatment performed at another centre.

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