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Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to restore the ears to their normal shape and position from a morphological and aesthetic point of view. In some cases there are deformities of the ears that we call "handle ears", meaning that the pinnae face forward or have lost the normal shape of the folds. In these cases, otoplasty will not only restore the normal situation of the ear partially attached to the skull, but will also shape the natural folds of the pinna.

This nuance is very important in order to achieve good results, as it is not a matter of suturing the pinna to the back of the head as if it were attached to it, but of restoring the natural folds of the ear, which will result in the ear being placed in a normal position.

Most ear pinnae in handle (colloquially known as protruding ears) are due to an overgrowth of one of the ear cartilages, the concha, or a lack of formation of the aforementioned folds. To correct a protruding pinna, it is important to have a clear understanding of its anatomy in order to properly treat the deformed folds.

Otoplasty is one of the aesthetic surgeries that can be performed at a very early age, as the deformity and projection of the pinna causes many complexes in children. On the other hand, unlike other parts of the facial structure such as the nose, the ear changes little over the years in early or middle age.

Facial Aesthetic

Ear Surgery

Surgical Time

Surgical Time

1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Admission Time

Admission Time

Outpatient procedure.

Type of Anesthesia

Type of Anesthesia


Type of Surgery

Type of Surgery

Morphological on the pinna.

Recovery Time

Recovery Time

2 weeks.



1.800 €

This price includes:

Preoperative tests

Preoperative consultations

Outpatient Surgical Procedure

Follow up

Ear Surgery or Otoplasty Explanation Video

Dr. Jesús Lago explains ear surgery or otoplasty

Ear Surgery or Otoplasty

Yes, otoplasty is one of the ear surgery procedures that is performed earliest, as it is the cause of many complexes in children and the pinna does not change over the years from an early age, which is why it is frequently performed on children.

The surgical intervention must be aimed at correcting the lack of folds in the pinna or excessive growth of the cartilage. Any procedure that does not correct these aspects will lead to a poor aesthetic result. It is very common in otoplasty to simply suture the pinna in such a way that the pinna looks as if it is glued to the head. This result is due to the lack of treatment of the deformity in the cartilage that has caused the ear to stick out (colloquially known as a protruding ear).

Yes, it is advisable to wear a sports headband during the healing period, which usually lasts about a month. If you do not wear the tape, you are exposed to the risk of receiving a blow or even that the ear will tend to detach again.

Yes, logically, both pinnae must be treated in the same operation.

It is performed under local anaesthesia with light sedation. The procedure is not uncomfortable as the auricle is one of the easiest areas to anaesthetise with local anaesthesia.

No, the scars are hidden at the back of the ears.

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