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Cheekbone surgery is part of facial surgery and aims to achieve the most aesthetic facial shape possible. In the case of women, the cheekbones are usually projected at the same time as the chin, which gives the female facial structure a triangular appearance. In some women this triangular appearance has been lost because there is not much development of the cheekbone or because of the loss of fat under the cheekbone.

There are two procedures to improve this situation: filling with temporary materials, a simple, low-risk, in-office procedure, or facial filling with solid silicone prostheses.

The latter technique is permanent but not irreversible as solid silicone prostheses are easy to remove. These prostheses can be placed through an incision inside the mouth under local anaesthesia in a simple, outpatient procedure that allows lasting, definitive and evident results to be obtained from the very first moment. They can also be placed in combination with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) through a small incision in the lower edge of the lower eyelid. Recovery is quick, allowing an almost immediate return to work and daily activities.

Facial Aesthetic

Cheekbones Surgery

Surgical Time

Surgical Time

1 hour.

Admission Time

Admission Time

Outpatient procedure.

Type of Anesthesia

Type of Anesthesia


Type of Surgery

Type of Surgery


Recovery Time

Recovery Time

7 days.



2.100 €

This price includes:

Preoperative tests

Preoperative consultations

Outpatient Surgical Procedure

Sebbin prosthesis

Follow up

And if necessary in the follow up:

Ultrasound evaluation

Cheek Surgery or Malarplasty Explanation Video

Dr. Jesús Lago explains cheekbone surgery or malarplasty.

Cheekbone surgery or malarplasty.

Although it is a very simple procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis and under local anaesthesia, the complications that can occur are mainly related to the fact of placing the prosthetic material through the mouth, i.e. a possible infection of the material that could force us to remove the prostheses. In some cases, extrusion of the material can also occur (it comes out through the mouth). This can be avoided by closing the wound in a deep plan.

The material we use to suture the incision inside the mouth is reabsorbable, that is, the stitches fall out by themselves. In some cases a stitch may take longer than necessary to fall out and be uncomfortable for the patient, so we will proceed to remove it in the consultation room.

The recovery time is very quick as it is an outpatient procedure performed under local anaesthesia. There may be some swelling but bruising is rare, so the visual result is immediate but not noticeable from a personal point of view.

No, surgery with local anaesthesia controls pain very well as it is a very limited area and in the postoperative period, as it is a small surgery, there is usually no pain, but it can be mild and is controlled very well with minor analgesics (paracetamol) and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Antibiotics are administered intravenously during the operation. It is the best way to prevent infections. Antibiotics in the post-operative period are not effective in preventing them, but they do cause germ selection, which means that if an infection appears, it is caused by germs that are not very sensitive to conventional antibiotics, so the administration of antibiotics in the post-operative period should be avoided.

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