Botulinum Toxin and Hyperhidrosis Aesthetic Medicine

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Botulinum toxin is a commercial preparation derived from the toxin produced by *clostridium botulinum*, an anaerobic micro-organism that generates a powerful toxin and which in the past could be found in some tins of tinned food. The disease it produced was extremely aggressive but thanks to the evolution of preventive medicine we have managed to eradicate it. However, some laboratories have been able to synthesise the toxin from clostridium for clinical and cosmetic use. Such is the case with botulinum toxin treatment of expression wrinkles or hyper sweating, especially under the armpits.

Botulinum toxin produces a blockage in the order produced by the nerve to certain sites such as the muscle or glands, which is why the use of this toxin is so diverse: on the one hand in facial mimicry, reducing expression wrinkles due to muscle paralysis and on the other hand in the secretion of sweat by blocking the nerve impulse on the glands that produce sweat.

Botulinum toxin is used by injection in the area to be treated. It is a simple, painless procedure which is carried out in the doctor's surgery and its effect lasts for three to four months.

Expression wrinkles

The most frequent use of this toxin is on the face. By means of small injections we manage to paralyse some muscles such as the forehead muscle which produces frown lines between the eyebrows, crow's feet and also, in small doses, the nasolabial folds. The aim is not to completely paralyse the face as this complete paralysis will produce a serious expression, very artificial and which will show the use of this toxin. Correctly applied, excellent and very natural results are achieved.

Treatment of hyperhidrosis (hypersweating)

As mentioned above, botulinum toxin is capable of blocking the nerve impulse on the glands that produce sweat. For this reason, it is very useful in the treatment of hypersweating of both the hands and armpits, almost completely eliminating underarm sweating. This effect lasts for three or four months and is very appreciated by those who suffer from it, as it produces a very uncomfortable social relationship or a certain difficulty in handling papers.

Aesthetic Medicine

Botulinum Toxin

Surgical Time

Surgical Time

15 minutes.

Admission Time

Admission Time

Outpatient Procedure.

Technique Used

Technique used

Neuromuscular blockade.

Recovery Time

Recovery Time

3/4 months.

Botulinum Toxin and


€ 230

Although initially there was great concern about the use of such a powerful toxin to treat the face from an aesthetic point of view, after several years of using it in this type of treatment, it has been proven that not only is it very safe as long as a good technique is used, but also that the aesthetic results are very good.

Bruising or inflammation is very rare. The needle used for its application is the finest on the market and the technique consists of applying the toxin in small quantities in very small areas. Although some bruising may appear, its size and permanence is minimal.

Yes, 3 or 4 months after each application, when the effect begins to wear off, it can be reapplied to the area.

The difference in shelf life between the leading brands is very similar. The quality of the product is also influenced by the storage and preservation of the product. In our clinic we use the best products, respecting all the requirements for their conservation and achieving an optimal performance of the product.

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